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Website Event Monitoring

Keep Your Website Up When It Matters
Website Event Monitoring

Often when a website gets mentioned on national news, a popular website or socially exposed, a website can pick up a major amount of traffic in minutes, ultimately taking your site to a stand still if you are unprepared. Keeping a website up during an "event" can be a feat for many business owners. If you've ever experienced downtime with your website due to too much traffic, you understand how this can affect your reputation and ultimately sales. Our event-based clients range from online contests to storm chasers who all had burst of traffic which they thought were unmanageable. Here are some of the ways we can help you keep your website up and running during events all while keeping costs down.

Key Event Monitoring Tactics
  • We will monitor your website or app while your event is in progress, tending to any issues that arise.
  • Our solution accommodates scheduled, short notice and no notice events.
  • Using a real-time analysis, we are able to determine why your website is failing when your event or traffic burst is occurring.
  • We will measure your site's performance and how it reacts to your events, delivering you a report of our findings.
  • Our team will perform minor server configuration and website or application adjustments and optimizations on the fly. More advanced configurations can be modified after the event is complete.
  • Establish a series of thresholds to be used for future events.
  • Hourly, daily, weekly and monthly events supported.
Utilize Our Cloud For Your Events
Utilize Our Cloud For Your Events

Our event-based solutions allow for us to "scale" up your web architecture for your events. We can accommodate if you need to scale by hour, week, day or month, while keeping costs down when events are not in play. Here is how it works.

Your website exists on a dedicated server when events are not occurring. When an event is occurring, we can instantly re-route traffic to exclusively use cloud servers, keeping the the dedicated free to allow you and employees the ability to continue conducting business un affected by traffic bursts. Additionally, using a shared dataset, you can to manage your site and while the cloud servers are getting pounded with traffic.

To learn more about our event-based solutions, Contact us for a consultation.