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Our Mission

blaze (v)
- burn, be on fire, burst into flames, rage, glow, shine, radiate, flash, flame, flare, illuminate
- break new ground, lead the way, be the first, light the way, set an example, instigate, initiate, pioneer
So who are we and what do we do?

We are a team oriented co-op with experience in web technologies dating back to 1995.

Blaze Media provides a unique service to small and medium sized business by focusing on analyzing and optimizing a client’s business process using the latest wireless and web technologies. Such applications provide tangible assets allowing business owners and managers to empower their business model, establish a return on investment, reduce and empower staff, and have a better birds eye view of their entire business. Utilizing network technologies such as cloud computing, we can provide scalable, and affordable solutions to clients allowing for on-demand server and application scalability by the month, day or hour.

As a company we have matured and learned much along the way. The Internet is not limited to just websites and email any longer. Social networking, web-based and now mobile applications have all standardized and made way for companies to become automated, portable and even paperless. Customer relations, business processes are now proven with web technologies. With our feet firmly planted in successful internet technologies and applications, we are a company who can provide creative solutions at an affordable cost. If you're questioning if you can keep up with your competitors online success, we commonly work with budget restrictions and timelines to move you forward toward your goals at a realistic growth rate. Our team is educated and strives in keeping up with new technologies and methods, taking you in the right direction for your needs while staying competitive.

We would like the opportunity to bring new ideas to your business. Contact us for a consultation today!