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Web Applications

Web-based applications usually accessible by employees. An intranet provides access only to employees inside the company network. Intranets and extranets are a collection of applications, including content management, information management, business automation and more. Many companies outsource intranet / extranet development and deployment to save costs and avoid administration headaches.

Extranets differ from intranets because they are usually hosted offsite and available to users outside of the company network. Imagine employees working in other locations having the ability to retrieve and submit information regarding a particular job with the use of a laptop, PDA or even a wireless phone.

From a business perspective, several benefits are recognized. Improved decision making, increased information access and assurance of valid information are all valuable benefits. Another plus is improved customer relation management. You can easily respond and resolve issues with customers and track and report on the issues and resolution times. Intranets and extranets also create increased revenue and decreased costs and resources.

Information can be easily searched and cataloged. Non-technical employees can now accomplish more with a few mouse clicks. Once all of the company information is centrally located, reports can be generated in seconds.

Listed below are some tools and applications that might be found in an intranet or extranet.

Shared Calendars     Web-based Email
Contact Management     Content Management (CMS)
Inventory Management     Order Processing / Management
Online Collaboration     Forms / Documents
Education / Training     Company Directories
Inventory Management     Order Processing / Management
Project Management     Human Resources
Sales Management     Purchasing Management
Team Managemnt    Extensive Real-time Reporting