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Mobile & Tablet Apps

Blaze Media brings exclusive application development and creation services for mobile phone and tablets such as Google Android, Apple iPhone and Apple iPad.

If you have a project in mind, or unsure of your needs, our experienced staff will research your needs and help define your goals prior to starting the project. We will research third-party resources to try and maximize your budget and accelerate the project timeline.

There are two types of mobile app platforms and both use different technologies. Native, which is installed on the mobile device for offline use and downloads or syncs data from a server. The other type of mobile app is a web-based type for use with 3G and other wireless networks. We can evaluate the area your employees to be used and optimize for lower bandwidth areas such as Edge networks.

In many cases, a simple web-based mobile app is kinder on the budget and works for all platforms, but other cases would call for a native app to be created. We will take into account the user interface, and lock down any features using permission-based roles. Its important to implement features such as delete confirmations, multiple functions and navigation.

Here are some examples of how tablet and mobile technologies can be used.

  • Enable mobile support for your company website.
  • Distribute and app for customers and site members.
  • Create, market and build a brand using a signature app.
  • Creating an app for employees maximizes daily business progress.
  • Allow employees to submit orders or record and submit data from the field.
  • Bring company documentation mobile.
  • Manage sales orders from mobile device.
  • Bring an internal company ticket system mobile.
  • Oversee multiple retail shops from your mobile device.
  • Advertise your company on mobile devices through various markets such as other mobile sites.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you utilize the mobile phones and tablets for your business.